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The Permaculture Guild was founded in October 2008 by Ken Benway and Gerry Segal for the purpose of supporting and teaching permaculture design courses in the southeastern United States with a major focus within Florida.

Ken Benway has been a technical designer for most of his business career. He became an advocate for natural systems when his daughter was enrolled in Waldorf Education in St Petersburg, FL. He soon was introduced to Bio-Dynamic Farming by fellow parents and friends of his daughters class. In this conference he first heard the phrase Permaculture and he was hooked on whole system human habitat design science. He has spent the last 15 years dedicated to the practice and study of everything permaculture.

Cristy Abbott has been a long time compost and worm advocate. She completed her Permaculture Design Course in Gainesville, FL December, 2009. Since that time she has participated in the Leadership team of Gais’s Guardians of St Petersburg, FL. She has been a strong advocate of the Tampa Bay Time Bank. She has a strong knowledge of local plant life and is a notorious seed saver.

Primary Mission and Purpose of The Permaculture Guild:

To co-create a regenerative planet, in a maintained state of dynamic equilibrium, for all life forms to survive and thrive.

The Permaculture Guild has developed a strategic plan to facilitate our mission and purpose.

We have three core phases to our strategic plan.

PHASE 1. To co-create and facilitate the manifestation of regenerative inner and outer landscapes.

PHASE 2. To use the process of guild building to co-create various guilds, and related beneficial connections, between self organizing and empowered individuals and groups, structured around the permaculture carbon cluster, the permaculture flower and the permaculture design evolution process.

PHASE 3. To facilitate the co-creation of regenerative, self governing, watersheds and marine eco-systems globally. The Permaculture Guild Ecovillage model will be the primary vehicle used to facilitate the transformative process of any given watershed or river basin. It is our intent to co-create at least one of these ecovillage models for each watershed and river basin on the planet.

Meet the Team

Ken Benway

Ken Benway


Cristy Abbott

Cristy has extensive experience in both permaculture design and in education and has been practicing and teaching permaculture regularly since 2009. She uses a variety of creative techniques and approaches to address different learning styles. She focuses on isolating the most important aspects of the subject , creating context for understanding and gives students the tools and resources for continued learning and their own implementation of the subject. Read More

Emily Lorenzo


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