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2 years ago
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Finance & Economics is the sixth petal of the permaculture flower and is an integral part of David Holmgren's permaculture design evolution process, which is why The Finance & Economics Permaculture Guild was created in the first place.
We are designing here in the realm of invisible structures to create an organization framework in community (local or global, it matters not) to mirror the pattern of the permaculture flower and the permaculture design evolution process.
So what are some of the functions of this particular guild? I'm glad you asked.

1. To be the stewards of the resources in community, whether financial in the classic term of money, or barter, or time bank, or physical silver and gold, or natural resources, all of it, the allocation of human resources as well.
2. To have this group take the pulse on the needs and resources of all seven primary guilds, so that resources held here can be allocated in a manner which best serves the needs of the mission and purpose and the strategic plan of The Permaculture Guild Global Regeneration Project.
3. To create an emergency fund should a major crisis adversely effect our mission, purpose or the strategic plan, or any one of our members, meaning any members of The Permaculture Guild organization.
4. To keep accurate true cost accounting records, to insure compliance with all existing local, county, state, or federal laws.
5. To maintain a database needed to insure that sweat equity hours, cash or capital equipment or real property are accounted for in a manner that honors the permaculture ethic of fair share.

Any questions? Let's get started!
(This is a draft document and is not complete, your feedback or suggestions to improve this statement of mission and purpose is both welcomed and encouraged)