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Early American homesteaders when arriving at a new place to live, made the creation of a root cellar to store food a top priority. This also happens to be where they lived until such time as they could afford to build a house.

This is a starting list of topic categories for Domain Three, Built Environment. There are many more possibilities for topic names that will evolve within this domain over time. Please feel free to add a new category if a topic you want to discuss, relating to the built environment, is not listed here.

3.1 Biotecture & Bau-biologie (Building Biology)
3.12 Indoor air quality, humidity and ventilation
3.2 Natural Buildings-Earth & Straw Buildings
3.3 Retrofitting Existing Structures
3.4 Furniture & Other Content
3.5 Greenhouse Technology
3.6 Commercial Buildings
3.7 Roads, Bridges, Pathway
3.8 Fundamentals of Good Architecture