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This is a page to describe the purpose and ideals of the carbon cluster as created by Ken Benway

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  1. The letter symbols on the Permaculture Carbon Cluster represent the following:
    S= Source or Self
    K=Knowledge or Education
    A/W=Air and Water ecosystems
    B=Built Place
    The Permaculture Carbon Cluster was created in late 2001 in an attempt to contextualize the various major domains expressed in the whole systems design art and science of permaculture.
    When I first saw David Holmgren’s permaculture flower in late 2005, I was amazed at how similar it was to the permaculture carbon cluster. The carbon cluster has the same content as the flower but expressed in a slightly more fundamental way. I’ll be writing more about these two expression of whole systems design in the near future.
    Ken Benway
    Founder of The Permaculture Guild established in 2008.

    • Hi Ken. I agree. Observation=based sustainable design models look a lot alike. I tried to attach the chart we used here to treat in 5 Element Acupuncture, but I can not. However, I will display both your Carbon Cluster and the Permaculture Flower tomorrow at 5 Element Movement on our Altar, along with the Chart we use to transfer Qi (energy) from one meridian system (identified with elemental forces of Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal) to another and to remove blockages of energy flow. They all look similar. Does unblocking Qi sound a little like digging swailes for water management on a piece of land or to prevent erosion? Its all one … Acupuncture is just Permaculture in the microcosm!

  2. This update is to inform visitors to our website of the current status of The Permaculture Guild. We are in the process of going through some significant organizational changes behind the scenes, and look forward to keeping you updated with new information as it becomes available.

    We have several hundred comments in our blog, which we are starting to sort through, so please be patient as this process moves forward.

    Ken Benway
    Founder of The Permaculture Guild- an unfolding global permaculture design and educational cooperative.

  3. While our website is undergoing some enhancements you are welcome to join our Meetup group at:
    or friend us at:

    On our Meetup Group we are in the process of undertaking several large scale designs. The first three of these designs are river basin scale and will include all tributary sub watersheds contained within those river basins.

    The first three river basins are currently in the early planning stages, and in order of priority are: 1. The St Johns River Basin Bioregion 2. The Suwannee River Basin Biorgion 3. The Mississippi River Basin Bioregion.

    If you’re interested in playing along with these designs with us, or would just like to watch and observe, please join or visit our Meetup group or Facebook page. We’re intending to have some un-serious fun cleaning up river basins! We could call the endgame, “The Planet Permaculture Project”, or some such name. Watersheds, the marine ecosystems and the atmosphere, all working in dynamic equilibrium.

    We are also doing a permaculture design on a disaster plan for the city of Orlando. This project is considered as high a priority as the river basin projects and is now phase one of the design process. Details are unfolding on our Meetup group. When you get to the meetup it is suggested to click on Discussions tab, and go to the message board forum and have a read. Pease join us with your passion and talent, as it will require a global village to pull this off.

    Ken Benway-Founder of The Permaculture Guild-a Growing Global Permaculture Design and Education Cooperative.

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