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Keyline_Design_image001“Keyline Design as an Organizing Pattern for Permaculture Design

Having spent the past few years on a busy international schedule Richard Perkins has purchased a farm in Sweden where he is establishing ridgedale PERMACULTURE. This is the first of a series of five articles looking at design considerations for this cold climate Permaculture site using the KeylineScale of Permanence as a organizing framework, as well as an informative read for anyone interested.

The popular and somewhat unique aspects of Keyline Design include the Keyline Plow & its patterned use for soil development and water conservation, combined with intelligent water harvesting, storage and irrigation. However, the SoP is a beneficial organizing pattern for Permaculture Design, which leads to the creation of aesthetic, harmonious and cooperative interactions between the farm and the landscape.

P.A. Yeoman’s Scale of Permanence

  1. Climate
  2. Landform
  3. Water
  4. Roads
  5. Trees
  6. Buildings
  7. Subdivisions
  8. Soil

Planning in this manner means the most permanent aspects of the landscape are acknowledged and layout of farm systems is optimized before dealing with the more malleable aspects. This article will touch on climate and landform, which are almost unchangeable aspects of a landscape.”

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Permaculture Principles in Application: Geoff Lawton (2013)